Focus on the indoor environment purification and governance,Indoor decoration pollution comprehensive governance advocates

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The core business

  • National standard method of testing,The detection precision,Can be outCMAThe test report

  • 6Technology innovation,By adopting the method of comprehensive treatment,Efficient removal of indoor formaldehyde

  • Car in addition to aldehydes in addition to taste,The door governance professional construction team,Effect of safeguard

  • Public health and water quality detection


About us

Amy home technology co., LTD, is a beautiful home in guanghan brand in order to achieve rapid expansion,In2016In guanghan, sichuan set up a company dedicated to the improvement of the indoor environment,Focus on the indoor environment pollution control,Collection of scientific research development and value-added services in one of the high-tech service-oriented modern enterprise。 The love of beauty home has a good management team、First-class technical team、Strong scientific research strength,Sichuan agricultural university institute of environment, at the same time、Tsinghua university、 Nanjing university and research institutions maintain long-term stable development of production, study and work,According to the market demand of outstanding contribution for indoor air purification field, Let our survival environment more healthy made active efforts。

  • Formaldehyde

    Envy Itchy eyes Throat discomfort The bosom is frowsty Asthma Voice hoarse

  • Benzene series

    Have a headache Insomnia Tired of lower limbs Damage to the bone marrow Lead to leukemia

  • TVOC

    Neurasthenia headache、Insomnia Dizzy Rhinitis Have a cough Pneumothorax


Successful cases

    Deyang dongjiang capital formaldehyde detection
    Blue county formaldehyde detection
    Ability to storm indoor air pollution
    Hao court of England2——Formaldehyde detection and governance
    Nissan's jun new car in addition to formaldehyde eliminate peculiar smell
    Audi car in addition to formaldehyde
    Land rover auto car in addition to formaldehyde
    Hao court of England1——Formaldehyde detection
    Hao court of England——Formaldehyde detection
    When the pearl——Formaldehyde detection


Contact us

The love of beauty feet on the ground、Steady development,To provide users with first-class products and services,Adhering to the“Let everyone healthy breathing air”The mission of and“Doing fine、Do only、And stronger”Corporate goals,Aspire for more people to build healthy environmental protection living environment,Willing to cooperate with more environmentalists,For a better future!

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